Friday, May 19, 2017

HIRING:Ongoing Illustrator Needed

Hi guys, 

We're launching our first webcomic on July 6th [] and we're looking for an illustrator who can help us expand the universe with additional content, so that our primary artist can focus entirely on the comic and other important areas. 

What we would be looking for is our characters in different poses, situations, environments, as well as interacting with each other and things around them. These pieces would go towards social media promotion, print, merchandise (like button badges), Patreon rewards, website content, etc. One of the things we've been looking forward to is launching an Instagram account for one of our characters, giving readers an in-universe POV of our weird little town and all those inhabit it. 

Any illustrator interested will need to;

- Be available on an ongoing basis
- Adapt to our comic/character style
- Have a quick turnaround time
- Be comfortable with 'work for hire'

This is a paid opportunity and considering each piece will have different requirements, cost can be discussed at the time. Our budget for these pieces is not huge but this could be an ideal opportunity for someone with a bit of spare time, to get a bit of spare cash, and be part of building a weird, fun universe.

Please either Note us or shoot through an email to the address below.

Looking forward to hearing from you creative cats (see what I did there?).
Contact information:

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