Saturday, May 13, 2017

JOB HIRING: DevOps Engineer

Device Magic is hiring our first DevOps engineer. The performance and reliability of our backend infrastructure is a critical tool for our customers, many of whom rely on it to keep their businesses operating. Every day we work to make sure that it runs more reliably and helps them work more easily and accurately. You'll be an integral part of this, and get the reward of knowing that the work you do makes a real difference to so many people's livelihoods.
You will be responsible for managing, monitoring, and scaling both our cloud and on-premise infrastructure. You'll help us design and introduce more automation to support our currently very rapid growth in usage and throughput.
You will also be responsible for ensuring we keep critical failures to a minimum, and responding timeously to them when they do occur.
Day-to-day you will collaborate with our Ruby on Rails engineers and our CTO to hunt down and resolve performance and reliability bottlenecks. We prefer to work in one or two week sprints, with engineers being involved in deciding what gets addressed in each, and responsible for delivering.

Skills & Requirements

  • Computer science / engineering degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience with a variety of scripting and automation tools. (We primarily use Chef.)
  • Comfortable with software through the full stack (Rails preferred), including across multiple operating systems.
  • Ability to deploy and maintain both SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Work effectively within a globally distributed engineering team.

About Device Magic

Device Magic is a profitable, scaling SaaS startup, whose Mobile Forms product helps teams collect information with their phones and tablets. Banks, breweries, engineers, truckers, market researchers, charities and tattoo parlors use us everyday to make their work easier.
Our server-side infrastructure is an AWS-hosted Rails app that allows our customers to build their forms, manage their devices, and direct and access their submission data. Our (native) mobile apps all receive their forms and deliver their submissions through this infrastructure, and we have a rich external API through which many customers manage all of this.

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