Saturday, May 13, 2017

JOB HIRING: Front-end Designer & Developer

Acro Media is looking for a Front-end Designer & Developer to drive our client’s dynamic & interactive web sites. This position is full-time at our Kelowna office.

That’s done. Now here’s what we really want. Some cool individual, who loves design, UX, cutting it up, and making it work. Someone who’s a great team player, but can zone out with the headphones on. A person that can figure it out, or if they can’t they can ask for help instead of saying it can’t be done. An individual who knows that good enough isn’t good enough.


  • Cutting up designs and building out the front-end to integrate with Drupal (our CMS of choice)
  • Designing stuff: websites, marketing material, display ads/banners, and emails
  • Working with clients and internal team members to deliver top notch projects


  • HTML, PHP, CSS, JS, jQuery, GIT, and other tech a plus
  • High level Photoshop, pretty good at Illustrator - After Effects a plus
  • Ability to work with responsive designs for use across multiple devices
  • Great at communicating, working in a team and solving problems
  • Ability to double check your work


  • 2+ years designing and hand-coding websites
  • Experience with Drupal 7. Drupal 8 would be an asset
  • MUST have a great portfolio showing off your work

Here are some things we pride ourselves on being able to offer our staff:

  • A relaxed atmosphere: If you like wearing a tie to work, this place may be too "different" for you.
  • Flex start times & earned days off: Do you prefer to start at 8:00? 9:00? We'll work with you. Want every second Friday off? Well we've got a program for that too!
  • Boating, skiing/boarding, hiking, wining & dining, mountain biking and more: Smack dab in the middle of the Okanagan in BC. Live an epic lifestyle.
  • Free stuff: Juice, pop, and coffee; choose your pleasure and enjoy.
  • Slappies: Tougher to explain but once a month we get together and have a little ceremony, some food, a few brews - no altars or corporate chants involved.
  • Fun day: We aim to have fun every day; however, every year for a day we cram a bunch of fun on ourselves. Weee!
  • SPARC Events: Sometimes we have an in-house breakfast, team building events, (less corny than it sounds), competitions, or just a plain little reward for no reason. It's a little spark in our usually normal days. Warning, we make you wear costumes. Often.
  • Culture: We're a certain type of people. We're all a little different and unique in our own way but we seem to work well together. No one’s perfect and we embrace that. We take our work seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. Check out our site to get to know us!


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