Sunday, May 14, 2017

JOB HIRING: Full-stack RoR Release Engineer

We are looking for a senior software engineer that knows how to build, test and release software on a continual basis and takes immense pride in his/her work.  This engineer would be responsible for coordinating and delivering all technical aspects of our stories and getting code shipped.  Our platform is primarily RoR, AngularJS and MySQL. While we do not get caught up on which CI tools we use, our current platform incorporates CircleCI, CodeClimate, Capybara / Selenium and RSpec. 
You would in charge of shipping code! On a daily basis your job would be to review code and the associated tests that has been committed, merge pull requests, deploy code and coordinate acceptance from the product and QA team. You would be the first engineer to review product and QA feedback and translate that feedback to the other technical team members. 

Skills & Requirements

Wellthie is looking for really smart, dedicated engineers to work as part of a team where they will challenge others to excel and grow. Whether it’s debating our software architecture, database models, or optimizing a design for multiple platforms, we love pushing each other to build the best software out there.
  • Several years as a senior developer and experience managing a software product and software releases. 
  • Several years working with continuous delivery and automated testing
  • Several years experience with Ruby on Rails, Angular, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS
  • Your side projects are also evidence of passion. If you are constantly tinkering, learning and trying out new gems, databases, services, etc, tell us about it. 
  • Experience working in a team environment communicating your ideas and comfort dealing with remote co-workers.
  • We prefer to see code samples and previous projects rather than degrees and certificates. Show us your open source projects or side-projects.
  • How do you stay up to date? Tell us about blogs you read, conferences you attend, or things you have taught yourself. 
  • You are excited and take pride in shipping code, you view your work not as a job, but as an opportunity to excel.
  • Interested in building a software tool that can positively impact millions of Americans
  • Humble, mature and dedicated to a positive mission of simplifying health care
  • Ready to grow a collaborative, optimistic, and supportive culture
  • Possess a good sense of humor and positive attitude
  • Data geeks and nerds welcome
This position must be located in U.S. timezones, or in our 110 Wall Street, New York office. 

About Wellthie

We are a diverse team of individuals with experience in health care, insurance, technology, design and business – but we’re also people with families who rely on the health care system. We believe that educating people about health insurance and creating ways to help them make better decisions is incredibly important because we have those same concerns. We strive to achieve wellness for our bodies and our budget and ultimately, our goal is to transform the way consumers interact with their health insurance.
We’re passionate about keeping things simple, designing tools we’d want our families to use and developing smart, intuitive solutions that help people find the best coverage for them. In the process, we obsess over the details, incessantly seek user feedback and leverage consumer metrics to support our customers – and that drives the products we create. 

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