Friday, May 26, 2017

NOW HIRING: Executive Assistant

Headquarters: Planet Earth

Hiya. We’re SkyVerge and we love eCommerce. Our products help merchants manage and grow their online stores, all the way from boutique corner shop to Fortune 500 retailers.  We’re looking for a talented Executive Assistant to join our fully-distributed company and help our team with day-to-day operations and logistics.

The Role

You’ll assist with day-to-day operations of the company, finance, HR, culture, and travel. The role is dynamic and encompasses a wide variety of administrative and research tasks, along with ownership of larger projects that impact the whole company.

Here are some things you may do on a given day:

  • Research & classify transactions from our company Amex account
  • Update Financial spreadsheets to ensure our budget remains accurate
  • Develop new pages for our team wiki, or edit existing ones to make sure they’re current
  • Handle scheduling for team meetings
  • Research and coordinate team and vendor gifts
  • Research & book flights, accommodations, transportation, and activities for retreats and conferences
  • Procure, manage, and ship company swag to our team, customers, and partners
  • Help manage and administer benefits for all team members
  • Research and present concepts for new benefit programs or other company best practices
  • Help with recruiting logistics by scheduling interviews and follow-up emails

In addition, you’ll be responsible for planning and managing ongoing projects like:

  • SkyTrip, our annual company retreat
  • Conference Sponsorships and Attendance (like Shopify Unite, WooConf, and IRCE) our Team wiki (like a company handbook) and team onboarding

You’ll have the opportunity to work with and get to know every member of our team, in addition to developing relationships with our vendors and partners. This role comes with a lot of trust and autonomy — while some projects will be very clearly defined, most will have a broad objective, and you’ll be responsible for developing a plan of attack, then given wide latitude in your execution.


You’re a friendly and kind person, who excels at self-direction and is driven by helping others as part of a team. You’re an excellent communicator with the ability to thrive in a distributed environment. You have incredible organizational skills that are flexible and adaptable, with a true love of attention to detail. Your capacity for problem-solving and your ability to prioritize and manage competing tasks will be crucial. Perhaps most importantly, you have demonstrated a willingness and excitement to learn and grow.

To succeed in this role, you will have:

  • Technical competency in using your computer/operating system of choice
  • Experience working with a wide variety of web applications and other productivity programs, like G Suite (Gmail / Calendar), Excel, Slack, GitHub, Trello, QuickBooks Online
  • Deep competency with the Google Docs suite (especially Google Sheets), along with similar tools like Dropbox Paper
  • Native-level fluency in English (Are you fluent in other languages? Tell us! We love being able to communicate with our customers & partners in their native language.), along with outstanding written communication
  • Demonstrated experience coordinating schedules and multiple events.
  • The ability to understand complex business workflows and develop processes that help make them simple and efficient. Bonus points for being able to identify and implement tools that improve those processes.
  • Impeccable research skills; able to synthesize clear, straightforward summaries of complex and varied sources
  • High level of emotional intelligence
  • Excitement for your work along with a sense of humor about things. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.
  • Boundless curiosity for our team, products, and customers
  • Ability to thrive in a remote environment (along with a reliable internet connection)

It’s helpful if:

  • You’re comfortable writing in plain HTML or Markdown
  • You have some experience with accounting / financials
  • You’ve used Airbnb/Uber Business
  • You’ve worked for a fully-remote organization in the past

Our team is fully-remote and we communicate primarily through Slack, GitHub, and weekly stand-ups on Monday via Zoom (a few short meetings on Monday) — we believe the best work happens when given lots of uninterrupted time that’s free of distractions.

As a remote team, we believe that regular meet-ups are invaluable for getting to know each other better, so you should be available for 1-2 company-paid team trips per year. Curious about these trips? Check out our recap of our last team retreat (SkyTrip) to get an idea of what they’re like (you’ll be planning the next one!)

This is a full-time, salaried position, but hours are flexible. We know your work will speak for itself with travel planned, wiki pages edited, swag shipped, and mischief managed.


Qualified candidates will get an email with a few questions to answer via email. Following that, you’ll have a few 30 minute chats with different people on our team to learn more about you and answer any questions you have about the position and company.

If this goes well, we’ll invite you to join our team and start your 4-week trial. During this period you’ll work full-time as a contractor, or part-time on nights/weekends if you already have a full-time position. This gives you an opportunity to make sure you enjoy the work and the team, and it gives us an opportunity to evaluate your work. We’ll have regular chats each week to share feedback and make sure we’re on the same page. At the end of the 4 weeks, you’ll be offered a permanent position


Applications will be accepted until June 16th.

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