Friday, July 7, 2017

NOW HIRING: Ionic / Javascript Ninja Engineer

The team is looking for a straight up ninja warrior when it comes to building Ionic 2+ and mobile-first, single-page applications.

This is an ongoing contract position. In the end you decide the hourly rate that you are looking for.


ConveYour kills boring content. Convey - your book, speech, or any static content in a much more engaging, almost addictive experience. It's micro-learning for a society with fruit-fly level attention spans!
  • Work remotely, anywhere on the globe except North Korea. Sorry North Korea! 
  • Work when you want to work just as long as shtuff that's planned gets done.
  • Help kill boring e-learning formats making the learner's experience paramount.
  • Tightly integrate our existing mobile web portal system to native platforms incorporating deep linking, push notifications, and intents.
  • Collaborate closely with our developers and architect.

When you should NOT apply....
  • You are not a fully proficient reader & writer of English. ( Speaking and comprehending spoken English is not as important as being able to read specs, chat online, etc. )
  • You've never completed a native iOS or Android Ionic application.
  • You haven't written an app in Ionic 2+ with TypeScript
  • The thought of other senior developers asking you why you wrote your code a certain way makes you cringe or squirm.
  • You are too busy with other consulting projects to really put in effort on this.
  • You are applying on the behalf of an agency. Please only apply if you are the actual developer that will be working with us.
  • You have no sample font-end code projects to bring to show & tell.

When you SHOULD apply
  1. You are a seasoned, prolific JavaScript/Ionic engineer.
  2. You can point out real-world development successes and explain what your contribution was in those projects.
  3. You work well on your own having the confidence to make development design decisions where information was not provided.

  • Excellent JavaScript language skills (4+ years).
  • Strong CSS, SCSS experience (LESS is a plus)
  • Excellent understanding and proficiency of Ionic 2+ architecture
  • Strong understanding of the web stack (DOM, HTTP, browser restrictions, caching, etc)
  • Strong experience working with complex event-driven JavaScript libraries, promises, etc
  • Fluent (enough) in ES6 and Typescript

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