Friday, July 21, 2017

NOW HIRING: Customer Success/Support
Headquarters: Zurich, Switzerland

How This Job is Different?

Working for a small self-funded company means a lot of freedom and ability to build close bonds with each user. We strive to be anti-corporate, we remove all possible walls between the user and us to truly deliver exceptional experience.

No investors, we are master of our destiny.

We are crushing it serving more than 1500 clients & trying to make them all succeed. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience, and can explore many avenues like moving to producing educational content or more into customer success.

You will work directly with the founder and together with your input find ways to exceed customer expectations. You’ll get exposed to entrepreneurship and hustling to get things moving fast. If speed excites you, then you are in the right place. We are a very fast-paced company where speed & quality are king.

Pro-activity & curiosity as well as personal development is highly valued and not only encouraged but mandatory.

Who we are

QuickMail is a sales automation tool for sending B2B cold emails. Small and medium businesses use it to reach out to potential customers in their market and grow their business.

We are a 100% customer funded start-up, we hit product market fit very fast and are growing quickly. We need help from enthusiastic people who want to change things!

With no investors to please, decisions are made fast between you and the founder for the good of the customers.

We care about helping our customers deeply, if this means recommending another tool more suited to their needs, then so be it.

Check out our values here: and unlike most corporate BS, we do stand by this (I have countless examples to demonstrate it). Please don’t apply if this doesn’t resonate with you, you won’t be happy here.

The work

We work remotely and cover US hours.

This is a full-time paid position but we will definitely consider part-time too. You’ll start at $16/hour.

You’ll be in charge of answering support, ensuring the help documentation is up to date & designing customer support&success processes.

Your primary role will be to help user shine and succeed.


You are a reliable fast thinker & executioner, you live up to your words.
You are a people person who is tech savvy. Excellent at relating with people and communicating in writing (email / live chat).

You relish challenges. Coming up with ideas and executing on them in a self reliable manner. In short: you don’t need a lot of management and you are able to drive results.

Previous experience working remotely a must.

Must have 2 years as customer support experience.


You will…

Get to grow the customer success and support department.
Work directly with the founder who understand the importance of delighting users.
Work remotely from anywhere in the world. No need to commute to work.
Learn a ton about how to run a startup from a no-bs founder.
You’ll grow tremendously if you can keep up with the pace


Take this personality test: , send yourself the results and grab the personalised link. Send an email to with this exact subject: “customer support role”, the body should be nothing else than the direct link to your personal personality test result.

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