Friday, June 2, 2017

NOW HIRING: Freelance Content Writer


Mobile Nations is a leading social media and social commerce business that reaches over 40 million consumers a month through its portfolio of brands. From the same people who built Mobile Nations, Thrifter is new startup and we're looking to build a team of passionate contributors to help make the vision for Thrifter a reality.
The Thrifter mission is simple. We think wasting money is stupid and we want to make Thrifter the resource and community you trust when it comes to financial matters in your daily life or business. We also want to make the notion of being thrifty not suck. It’s not about being dirt cheap and never spending money - it’s about making sure when you do spend money that your hard-earned dollars are stretching as far they can. It’s about living a sensible and awesome life. To that, we also want Thrifter to be as fun as it is educational. Afterall, being smart with your money should be celebrated!


Working remotely and reporting to the Editorial Director, the role's primary function is to create engaging and informative content at will from a pool of pre-approved topics. Content topics cover a wide range of consumer and business product categories including but not limited to technology, home goods, fashion, auto, personal finance, food, travel, entertainment, and education.
  • Indepedently research each topic as needed
  • Write original, engaging articles and content for our audience
  • Produce content with integrity that is accurate and honest in sourcing of information
  • Complete proofing, editing and quality assurance on all deliverables
  • Manage assigned projects from concept to implementation
  • Optimize content for SEO and monetization

Required Skills

  • Previously published writing samples (minimum of 3)
  • Self-motivated and passionate about saving money 
  • Excellent grammar and spelling
  • Native in English (or has fluency)
  • Extreme attention to detail

Preferred Skills

  • Optimize content for various social media channels
  • Shoot and edit professional-quality photos/videos
  • Proven expertise on specific topics (mentioned above)
  • CMS and Markdown

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